Power of One Challenge

I joined the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans and their Power of One Challenge. This challenge lasts for 8 weeks, until February 23, 2011. The first challenge is to make goals for 2011. I never make resolutions because resolutions are made to be broken. Instead, this year, I plan to make commitments to reaching my goals.

My 2011 Goals:

  1. I will reach my official Weight Watchers goal (148 lbs).
  2. I will run at least 4 races this year, including at least one 10K.
    • Hangover 5K on January 1
    • St. Peter’s Key Run in April
    • Komen Race for the Cure
    • Troy Turkey Trot
  3. I will find a gym or treadmill so I can continue to run this winter.

I start this challenge at 148.2 on the WW scale last Friday morning (and 150 on my scale this morning).

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2 Responses to Power of One Challenge

  1. Trish says:

    Those are wonderful goals and I know you will achieve each one! I can't wait to read through your progress!

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