I Have an Athletic Hangover

Yesterday I work up still sore from spin class on Wednesday, but I decided to go out and run the Sober-Up 3.5 mile race anyway. Now, not only are my thighs sore, but so is my hip. Ibuprofen is my friend!

I’d been blaming the sore thigh muscles on a build-up of lactic acid, but Active.com says it’s not so. They say that the lactic acid is gone 30-60 minutes after exercise and the reason the muscles are sore in the days following is “microtrauma” to the muscle fiber membranes and contractile elements (?). Apparently I did not do enough warm-up before my spin class or race yesterday, and now I’m nursing an athletic hangover. I wish there was a remedy for this kind of hangover!

So, what did I do today? Not much, went to church, came home and worked on my blog, went to my parents for dinner, and took down Christmas (or at least the inside decorations and the tree). It feels so good to have my living room back to normal.

P1010961 (2)I think Zuma is going to miss playing with the ornaments!

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