Ready to Go

I am ready to go back to work this morning. A week off always messes with my system. My activity level changes and my eating changes. Even though I feel like I’m always eating the same thing during the work week, it’s working for me on Weight Watchers. My typical day at work consists of:

Breakfast: An omelet wrap

  • 1/2 cup of egg beaters (1 PP)
  • 20 grams of Cabot 50% lite shredded cheddar (1 PP)
  • veggies or salsa (0 PP)
  • wrapped in a Lite Original Flatout (2 PP)

For me, I know I need the protein in my breakfast to feel satisfied/full until lunch time (at 10:20). Since I eat breakfast between 5 and 5:30, that’s not as early as it sounds. It just leads to splitting my lunch into two parts.


  • sandwich – 2 pieces of Pepperidge Farm lite bread
    (2 PP) , 6 slices Oscar Meyer turkey (1 PP), 1 piece WW Pepper Jack Cheese (1 PP)
  • WW yogurt (2 PP)
  • apple – sliced up and dipped in the yogurt (0 PP)
  • fat-free, sugar-free jello (0 PP)

Afternoon Snacks (any or all of the following):

  • baby carrots (0 PP)
  • VitaTop (3 PP)
  • clementines (0 PP)
  • Vital Mixed Berry Bar (3 PP)

Dinner: I always eat with my neighbors and they don’t plan dinner ahead. However, she’s also on WW, so they’re really trying to eat healthier. There’s usually rice (1/2 cup = 3 PP), steam fresh veggies (0-2 PP), a meat (4-7 PP), and a sauce (1-3 PP).

Tonight’s dinner is from Halfmoon Sandwich and Salad Shoppe. I love their personalized salads – I can get exactly what I want on the salad! We usually order online and then it’s ready when I get up there.

I tried yoga for the first time last night, and feel all nice and stretched out this morning! My legs are feeling so my better than they were!

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