Switching Things Up

I’ve been in a bit of a food rut recently. My lunches almost always look the same. So this weekend I decided to shake things up a little bit. I’ve been buying Oscar Meyer luncheon meat because I know I can put 6 slices on for 1 point. I went out and bought real meat yesterday afternoon! I weighed my cracked pepper turkey (yum!) this morning and got a lot more meat for the same 1 point! I added some turkey sausages into my breakfast.

I was inspired by Julia to try some different fruits this week. I went to Fresh Market to try to find pomegranates because I can’t find them anywhere else. While there, I decided to pick up some kumquats. The taste is definitely a little tangy. The peel is edible and they say that’s what adds the bitter flavor. I cut one in half and was surprised to find the large seeds. They are definitely my least favorite part of the kumquat. I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll buy more when I’m finished with these.


I decided this week, I need to add more lean meats and proteins into my diet. I also wasn’t eating all of my daily points target (at Weight Watchers), so this week I’ll eat more during the day to get to that number and eat some of my activity points. I’m hoping the shake up will help me lose the weight I’ve been putting on the past couple of weeks!

In the meantime, does anyone have suggestions on what to do with chia seeds? I’ve been seeing a lot of mentions of them out in the twitter world, so I bought some yesterday, but now I’m not sure how to use them. Thanks in advance for any advice on that!

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