Weigh-In Wednesday (Week 3)

Confession time: I haven’t done the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred dvd since Friday. I had every intention of doing it when I set my alarm on Monday night, and on Tuesday night… Unfortunately, my resolve is not as strong in the morning.

In terms of the goals I set for the Power of One challenge:

  1. I will reach my official Weight Watchers goal (148 lbs).
    I made it last Saturday! 147.6 at my official weigh-in for the week!
  2. I will run at least 4 races this year, including at least one 10K.
    • Hangover 5K on January 1
    • St. Peter’s Key Run in April – this is my 10K
    • Komen Race for the Cure
    • Troy Turkey Trot
    • I’ve added  a 5K on April 2
  3. I will find a gym or treadmill so I can continue to run this winter.
    Not so much… my neighbor has a treadmill, but it’s not long enough to run on.
  4. I will get in at least 64 oz of water every day. – I’ve been brining a 30 oz water bottle to work with me and have gotten from 60-90 oz of water in during the work week.

So far so good on my goals. I can’t wait until the snow goes away and it’s nice enough to run outside! I love running outside! I hate treadmills.

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3 Responses to Weigh-In Wednesday (Week 3)

  1. Will Nevin says:

    I like exercising outside too. Christmas break in Tampa was wonderful for that. Getting back home? Not so much. But I plan to take every advantage of the two-month window coming up where it’s not too cold or hot to workout outside.

  2. ragemichelle says:

    Good goals!

    I’m running in my first 5K in March and I’m nervous about it. I haven’t run since November, but I use my elliptical every day. Hoping that’s gonna be enough to get me through this race. I don’t care if I come in last, I just don’t want to walk any of it.

    • You can do it! I walked part of my first 5K because that’s where I was in my training. If you can get out and run before the race (at least a week before), then you can get a feel for how far you can run without walking.

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