Awaken the Dragon

I am joining a dragon boat team. I know, right now you’re thinking of jumping over to Google to find out what the heck a dragon boat is. Don’t worry, I will explain.


My mother has been on the only team in the area (Hope in the Boat) since it started in 2008. “By paddling together, our mission is to promote wellness and provide hope and partnership to those on the breast cancer journey. We accomplish this through the ancient sport of dragon boat racing.” They are a team of breast cancer survivors and awesome women. I was lucky enough to paddle with them in one race in 2009 – Paddle for Pink in Mercer, NJ. They allowed survivors and supporters.

But, exciting news! Hope in the Boat is creating a friends and family team! I’m joining in, made especially easy by the fact that they practice within walking distance of my house. Up to this point, I’ve been the unofficial team photographer, which is why I could only find one picture of when I paddled with them (I’m on the left with the pink ribbon on my wrist).

I’m excited to be officially joining the team. Now I just need to find someone to be the team photographer for the friends and family team. It’s hard to paddle and photograph at the same time! I can’t wait to Awaken the Dragon inside myself!


To get a better idea, you can check out a video of the team on the CBS6 website.

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